Core advantage
In overseas markets, products are distributed to dealers around the world with their XTAR authorization to sell XTAR products.
Only authorized dealers can use XTAR logo and have their own operation rights.
Only authorized distributors can sell XTAR official and new products (which can be verified by checking anti-counterfeiting codes).
By purchasing XTAR products directly from local authorized distributors, customers can enjoy convenient and timely after-sales service.
Perfect agency cooperation policy
Technical advantage
We have a very professional and experienced R & D team. Marketing research combined with market demand. R & D team develops and designs innovative products to cater for market demand.
We have our own production plant to provide products in a timely and effective manner.
We have a very strict quality management team, they are very responsible for their work, and each product is strictly tested to ensure that the finished product is first-class.
We provide perfect after-sales service to solve various problems encountered in sales.
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