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[2018-09-28]XTAR Miami World Vapor Expo 2018
Published in 2019-01-02 Come from XTAR

On September 14-16, the Fifth American Miami World Vapor Expo 2018 was held in Miami, Florida, USA. During the three-day exhibition, more than 300 exhibitors from all over the world attended the exhibition, and the number of visitors exceeded 30000. It is the largest and most influential e-cigarette exhibition outside California.



In this exhibition, our products attract the attention of most visitors. As a brand for more than ten years, our quality and reputation have long been popular, passing exhibitors and suppliers have stopped to ask us for details of the products.



The exhibition watchers are attracted by our products.



Our products are being tried out by our customers.



At this Miami e-cigarette show, our products have had a very good market feedback, and the exhibitors praised our products, and some even bought our samples on the spot. Many dealers and e-cigarette enthusiasts expressed great willingness to buy, leaving contact information to express the hope that the two sides can conduct more in-depth cooperation after the exhibition.



The enthusiasm of the participants to XTAR is undoubtedly a high recognition of our XTAR products, for more customers to bring better products and we have always been our service purpose.


For twelve years, we put all our enthusiasm and love into this cause. For every detail, we are meticulous, because we believe that details change life. We also hope to give each user a down-to-earth, persevering, excellence of positive energy, to win the trust of every user; also hope that this energy can help you better take care of your loved ones, friends and family!

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